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English idioms to sound like a native speaker

English idioms are widely used in everyday spoken and written communication in real life situations. Idioms are expressions that have figurative or metaphorical meanings different from their literal interpretation. This is why it is important to understand the meaning and how it is used in everyday English language situations.

Why should you learn English idioms?

Although learning idioms may seem like a daunting task, it can be a fun and rewarding experience, especially when you try to compare their meaning to those in your own language. Knowing how to use idioms will help you sound more like a native English speaker, and make your communication more engaging.

Start learning by focusing on the most commonly used. This will help you communicate with other native English speakers, and understand idioms used in movies, TV shows, and everyday conversation.

Lets get started!

To help you get started, we have 7 idioms to show we are happy.

On top of the worldYou are on top of the world when you feel wonderful.I’ve been feeling on top of the world since I started doing yoga every morning.
Over the moonto be delightedThe team captain said he was over the moon with their win.
On cloud nineExtremely happy when something wonderful happens.She’s been on cloud nine since she found out she is pregnant.
Like a dog with two tailsTo look and be very happy.Was he pleased? He was like a dog with two tails.
Full of the joys of springWhen you are energetic, cheerful and happy.James must have had some good news, he’s full of the joys of spring today.
In seventh heavenBliss; to be so happy it feels like you are in heaven.I was in seventh heaven when I landed my dream job

If you’d like to learn more about English idioms, you can read this blog post for our partners at EC English Language Schools, or look into our online English courses to start practicing these idioms with other international English learners!

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